November 14, 2010

Hair & Body Wash

Sometimes I feel stupid.

The bathroom (which I share with four siblings) has long been out of body-soap (and I just finished yesterday the little test-bottle which I got for my ninth birthday). However today- low and behold- there were new bottles on the shelf and one of them said quite clearly, "Hair & Body Wash."

This did strike me as odd. I'd never seen them both in one bottle before-- though I'd heard that Einstein used the same soap for all of him to save time. (Both of these facts- the fact that I hadn't seen it before and that my one example was male should have tipped me off but... no.)

The suds had begun to lather when I began smelling a, well, odd smell. I grabbed the bottle and read, quite clearly, "For Men."

I hesitated. But... it was just shampoo, right?

Just a few seconds later I gasped for breath and choked in horror as potent, suggestive fumes filled the air.


I applied much cherry-blossom perfume and rose lotion. However I still smell residues.

Moral of the story: Read labels.


  1. C'mon. I love the smell of that man-wash. Plus, who can beat that kind of efficiency?! :P

  2. Oh come now, it isn't that bad!..okay wait it depends if you were using AXE, that doesn't smell bad at all, if however you were using old spice... yikes yeah that isn't so appeasing on a girl!

  3. Exactly. For the record the bottle says to compare with old spice... Admittedly quite an attractive smell- just not on me. ;-)