August 23, 2010

On Ads (and wind-blown hair)

Maybe it's my sheltered, media-deprived upbringing-- but I find ads terribly amusing.

They always stop me dead when I see them in the newspaper.

There is he is... some suave looking guy with a spacy look, his hair all windblown, sporting a striking set of clothes...

Yep. It's meet Mr. Gorgeous- looking like he's just gotten through with his hair dresser, clothing designer, and makeup artist.

And oh, LOOK. He's got a camera! But it isn't the camera that's for sale.... It's just there to show that Mr. Gorgeous is not just brain and brawn-- he's also artsy. (Wow. Wonder if his phone number is somewhere in the really small lettering at the bottom of the page...)

But besides personal recommendations, Mr. Gorgeous seems to be making the deeper, more compelling claim that other people can be as equally attractive by simply acquiring the hunky looking watch in the right hand corner.


I don't really care about the guy's make-up... or clothes... :shrug:

...and I suppose I can get closer to nature by spending my afternoons in open fields writing about the daisies, but...

what I want to know is...

Do you get the windblown hair along with the watch?

But honestly people, don't ads make you mad? They're so incredibly fake. Artificial. Contrived and doctored... Fashioned to deceive. [Favorite video on the subject:]

Am I asking for them to have ugly people on the covers of their magazines?

Not really.

But I'd like it if they were real people...

Real guys don't look like Lord Byron.
Real girls don't looked like goddesses left in the sun too long.
Neither men nor women have personal attendants blowing fans on them all day

And frankly guys, you look girly with windblown hair.

- 5/3/10


  1. I am in line for the personal attendant with the fan. :)

  2. Funny ending, L.E.! I found this post through a friend at

    I love good ads and hate the bad ones. As ridiculous as the bad ones can be, though, they work, which is why they still make them.

    Who keeps this going if it isn't you or me buying the watch?