February 26, 2011

[s]Crumptious Crinkle Cookies

Ah, it's been too long since I've touched on food! Around the time my mother gave birth to my first brother a women from the church brought her a box of beautifully stacked and powder-sugared dark-chocolaty brown Crinkle Cookies. My mom got the recipe and they’ve been a favorite ever since.

            No camping trip was complete without them.  Before we would leave my mother would bake a double or triple batch (store them safely in Tupper Ware), and we would be sure that at some point on the trip (I remember particularly the time we camped in DC) around the campfire (after red beans and rice) the container would be pulled out and we’d share in our favorite cookies.

           At least- they were MY favorite cookies (right up there with Girl Scout Thin Mints). My sister became their primary baker for some time- but for a while now I’ve been the leading producer. I’ve made them for birthday-gifts, thank-yous, and farewells. Today I made them for church.

            Once a month our congregation unites for a luncheon, followed by a special topical message by my pastor. It falls to our family's lot to bring a main dish- (stews, enchiladas, soups)- singles bring desserts.

            WELL, I thought. I am single. Cookies are in order! I whipped out the batter. My fingers nimbly worked off chunks of dough, rolled, and powder-sugared them single handedly. How long to bake the cookies for is always a bit of a trick. I’ve over cooked and undercooked- but never had one I didn’t like. But maybe I’m biased. ;-)

Below is another vanity picture.


  1. "Below is another vanity picture."

    *insert mixture of a smirk and a laugh*

    Hahah! I love little stories like this. =)


    Oh Linda, you're killing me!

    I sat in my kitchen this afternoon scrolling forlornly through cookie recipes - I was in the mood to bake [or maybe just the mood to eat] and I couldn't think of a thing. This would have been a good idea. ;D

  3. As the twice recipient of the above cookies (birthday gift :-P), I can vouch that they are basically the best thing ever.

  4. (I think so, too :-P) :-D Thank you very much, Tim! :-)

    I don't want to post the recipe- but whoever wants it can e-mail me directly. :-) [comin' your way, Hayley!!!]

  5. How did they go over at the luncheon?

  6. Well, I wasn't there when they were being eaten. But they're ALL GONE! So that's a good sign, no? :-D

  7. Ann. Wants. Cookie.


    Crinkle Cookie starts with C, that's good enough for me!


  8. Ok... so... you're bringing me some of these next weekend, right?

  9. Teehee.... ummmmmmm. :-D I. can't. promise. But. I. Will. TRY! :-) <3 YOU!