August 9, 2011

Fond Fare Thee Well

It's been about a year since I began Salt-Rain Tidings in August, 2010. I have so enjoyed blogging- documenting my experiences and sharing my thoughts. However at this time I think it wise to give my blog a rest as I have found it difficult to live in the present when I am constantly thinking and writing up posts. These next few months will hopefully provide me opportunity to devote more time to the people around me and to work towards publishing some children's literature (a project that has long been shelved in the shadow of my blog). This isn't a good-bye, just a take-care and see-you-later. I may begin re-blogging when I transfer colleges in January- or next year- or maybe just some time "in the distant future". But at any rate-  don't forget the archives, and per request I WILL be keeping up Gogyohka-Thursdays- so do stop in and check them out.

L.E. Fiore


  1. Gogyohka-Thursdays. *beams*

    I will miss your writing here, Linda. But I think you have heeded words of sound wisdom to give it a rest.

    I've enjoyed your blog muchly, and hope to resume enjoying it when you decide to pick it up again.


  2. For a brief moment I despaired - yes for your wonderfully written posts - but even more for Gogyohka Thursday. But as I finished the post mine spirits were lifted into hope and joy! :D (Okay, I'm finished) I'll miss reading about the rest of your life.

  3. :beams right back: Thanks, Liz. Thanks for understanding.

    Haha, MICHAEL. I'm glad my decision to continue Gogyohka-Thursdays has kept you from imminent despair. ;-) And seriously- thank you. Thanks for reading and enjoying and appreciating.

    I thank you, Dani. ;-) Thanks Sarah. See you soon. :-) :-)

  4. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts, Linda. You always have the most delightful thoughts and insights. I will most definitely continue stopping by on Gogyohka-Thursday!

  5. We'll be waiting and watching and enjoying your poetic offerings.

  6. Your blog has delighted me this summer--it is so refreshing to read such well written, thoughtful, and lovely posts! (Not to mention posts with proper grammar ;) I look forward to delving into your past posts!

  7. Thanks, Anna! And thanks for sticking with me while I semi-hibernate. ;-)

    I appreciate that Ann- I always love it when you read. :-)

    Lydia! I didn't know you read my blog. :-) Thank you very much. :-) Enjoy. :-)