September 15, 2011

Gogyohka-Thursday [51]

This is a poem I wrote in May, 2008 which was published a year later in a magazine in Japan. It's less concrete than my average Gogyohka- I wrote it contemplating someone dear to me who was leaving my life. Somehow, it seems to fit today- so here it is, for you!

sitting here

thinking of you


and trying

to forget


  1. wow, you got one of your Gogyokhas published! that's amazing, [and I love it, by the way :]

  2. Hey, Dani! Yeah, a couple other ones were, too- I'll have to put more up. :-) (Hehe, the personal ones I am always hesitant to post). Thanks. :-) :-)

  3. wow, that's great Linda!
    [I know what you mean=]