November 3, 2011

Gogyohka-Thursday [58]

five years ago

I had big dreams

and now I live realities

far better than anything

I ever dreamed of


  1. I'm not sure I understand this to your original intent. But the way I DO understand it has me liking this very much. :)

  2. Liz. :sheepish: I didn't have an original intent. You can understand it ;-) Haha! I'm glad. ;-)

  3. I think I understand it, and I love it =)

  4. Ok. I've been thinking. This had something to do with... the idea... of God's plans being (always) so much better than what I think up for myself... and... also this idea of how we make plans of our "ideal" life in the future-- and then real life happens... with all its ups and downs... and it's just so much stinkin' better! (Like how glorious a blue sky can be? Who dreams of blue-skies? Yet sometimes a blue sky is more than the soul can take...)

    Not that I managed to communicate all that. ;-)

  5. Exactly Linda!! I have come to realize in past months, that no matter what we wish for ourselves..our lives.....our future. It is not always what God has in mind for us, and yes, it is always so much more amazing!!

  6. :beams: I'm glad. Thanks, Lovely. :-)