January 26, 2012

Gogyohka-Thursday [70]

Studying. Squirm.

Late at the Library. Yawn.

Deserted aisles of books...


Sometimes... I run in Libraries.


  1. I am ashamed to say......I have run in libraries, THERE!! I said it!!
    But then, I was working there, does that get me a pass!? ;-P

  2. Noooo, it does not give you a pass- you of ALL people should KNOW better. ;-) :-P

    But don't be ashamed. I am of the opinion it's a GLORIOUS past-time- (and one, no doubt, the authors of the books we run past would mightily approve of.)

    So. I've taken to vaulting over the wall on the second (sub-ground) floor... and the first time went well... the second time my finger got scratched... then this morning I sliced my finger open (and it was BLEEDING and it STILL HURTS!!!)... that's when I checked the wall and found I'd been gripping/sliding my finger up and over the wrong end of a nail... yeah. I'm still going to vault... but vault with caution. ;-)

  3. Yes, I should know better, shouldn't I? ;-P
    Ah, I'm sure Shakespeare would have some kind of eloquent remark to say of my flying feet ;-)

    *Gasp* LINDA!! Vaulting in the LIBRARY!! tsk tsk tsk....
    Would you be surprised if I said I have done the same thing? Only I, having much vaulting over various objects experience, have yet to be wounded in the process ;-)

    So yes, vault with caution next time, and when you do, laugh for me, because I am obviously not there to do it myself, lol :-)