April 12, 2012

Gogyohka-Thursday [81]

There is a peculiar beauty that graces those in love. 'Old couples, engaged couples- I love to watch them... this one's for my sister and her fiance particularly. 


they walked

like they'd walked

together for a long time

pausing- turning- loving mimes

speaking with their eyes


  1. :) I love this, Linda. (I copied this one into my notebook)

    I'm a sucker for this stuff (every bit of it)

  2. :smiles from ear to ear: I'm so pleased, thank you, Michael. (I'm a gonner myself- heh- I try awful hard to keep my blog free of the sappy ones I am occasionally inspired with. :-D)

  3. This is beautiful Linda! The last line really captures them!

  4. <3 Thank you Lin <3