July 19, 2012

Gogyohka-Thursday [94]

In movies

kicking things really hard

fixes boilers and cars...

I kicked my computer, and now

it won't start. Bizarre.

*Note, I have been whacking, not kicking, my computer to make the little wires connect for the screen work... and now it's... not working anymore. I probably should hit it some more... ;-)


  1. Alas, the same problem have we.
    Last time I "wacked" my computer it refused to work for over a week......just to get me back for the abuse.

  2. *laughs* Yeeeah.... Mine's revolting, too... I will. make. it. OBEY! ;-) Eh. It's winning... I'm going to have Dad try and fix it... :sigh:

  3. Perhaps a gentle pat would encourage it!