December 16, 2010

Gogyohka-Thursday [14]


When I said "White Christmas"

I meant new snow-

deep, endless, and white.

Not 10-day residues.


  1. As you should have learned from reading stories about genies in a bottle offering three wishes, you need to be very specific with your wishes.

    Speaking of genies, have you seen the wonderful Hallmark version of "Arabian Nights"? It is inexpensive on DVD and is great! (though a little intense for kids in the first few minutes). Ali Baba is an entrepreneur, coming up with new ideas for investing in new enterprises.

  2. *laughs* Lesson learned, Mr. Rehmke. :-)

    No, I haven't seen it. *watches trailer* Looks fascinating! I fell in love with those stories in second grade when I got a copy (very vividly illustrated) out from the library... thanks for the recommendation. :-)

  3. There's still time for it to snow. Don't give up hope! Let's just hope it doesn't snow before I get back. :-D

  4. LOL. Thanks. Yeah, I guess there is a week yet... I'll hold off the snow-prayers for 48 hours. ;-)

    *Grasping hope* Oh, audacity. ;-)

    I'm dreaming of a White Christmas... just like a'one I've never known... where instead of palm trees, there's frosty fir trees... and where it's impossible for guests to go...