December 13, 2010


Sometimes I feel like one of the ancient Egyptians- learning scientific principles by way of trial and error. We were consolidating our stashes of honey... and honey had solidified in one of the containers... and as you all know, honey liquefies when heated.
 So I put the container of honey in the microwave on top of wax-paper for twenty seconds. TWENTY seconds! (You should know I'd done this before and it always worked like a charm.)  
But evidently I'd always done it with a plastic container, 'cause I totally forgot about the metal ring around the top, (not to mention all the metallic coating on the inner cardboard sides...) and the next thing I knew I turned around and the wax paper had BURST INTO FLAMES!
 Yes, I started a fire in the microwave.
 So I wiped the wax-paper ashes out and gave the microwave a scrub down. It smelled perfectly toxic in there...
 Epic fail.


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  1. This is an epic fail for beginners. I'll tell you a real epic fail. There's TWO different occasions (because I require learning something at least twice before it sticks). Occasion one was three years ago. I had heated up some lovely left-over chicken from the day before. Since my search for BBQ sauce in the refrigerator had been unsuccessful, I turned to the freezer. I found two tiny bottles of Tabasco sauce. "Mmmmm" I thought, "Dad puts Tabasco on his chicken, I should try it". But they were frozen. "Well, that's easy, just microwave them for for a few seconds, let's try 40 seconds". *beep beep* The microwave starts to do its magic. I turn to attend to the beverage situation. All of a sudden there is a loud sort of mini explosion. I turn around in shock as another explosion follows. I open the microwave only to be greeted by an aroma so strong I have to run to the window, open it, and stick my head out to breath. Luckily no one was home, but nobody went in there for a while. (Less than a year later I tried to make homemade potato chips in the microwave... didn't go so well; not only did I destroy the potatoes, but I destroyed the microwave)