October 27, 2010

Crazy Day, Amazing God

Sometimes God's providential hand burns a path through the day so clearly one can only overflow with wonder and thankfulness. Today was one of those days.

This week was registration for the Spring Semester. Monday was open to students with 40 completed credits, Tuesday with less, today for those with 12, tomorrow for currently enrolled students.

Now, I have completed 4 CLEP exams- three 3-Credit ones, and one 6-credit exam. However I had only ordered the transcript to be sent to my college two weeks ago. On Monday they had received it- but not opened it. When I called yesterday, a surly lady informed me that "it takes two weeks to process." Blast. That meant I'd be registering tomorrow- Thursday- along with the rest of the students.

However as today progressed, more and more that seemed like an awful idea. For one, I don't have classes on Thursday- coming in would mean time and money. Secondly, I had planned on writing papers on Thursday- and I need that time to write them.  Thirdly, I needed to take upper-level writing courses- of which there were only about five- offered only at one time- and for only 15 students. Fourthly, I was told there would be massive (3-4 hour) lines on Thursday.

Then came the first God-send. My 10:00 class was canceled. I had three free hours in the day. I decided to get things moving.

First I went to the library and mapped out my game-plan for the semester. Then I headed over to the Registrar. Behind the counter was the very nice middle-aged lady with golden hair who always smiles. I asked her about processing my transcript. She was most obliging- and got up to go get it. There were difficulties, it seemed, finding it- I saw her go into several rooms and open several drawers. But at last she returned- transcript in hand and she walked with me down the hall - past the line of seated students waiting to register- over to where the man who processes the Cleps was at his desk- providentially unbusy.

I waited at the door while she talked to him. She came back with the forms all signed-  however, as I had expected, with only 3 credits assigned to my 6 credit Analyzing Lit course. I quickly made my appeal to her- and I was admitted to talk to him personally.

He was a graying, middle-aged man, with longish hair and a mustache. He looked like a X-sixties rock-star- but in a button-down  shirt across from a computer. [I know, the picture at left is of a Baby-boomer. Work with me. ...aaaand if you're really struggling: this might help.]

I sat down, smiling- and made my case. The official CLEP website allots 6 credits to the course. Other NY schools (i.e. SUNY Purchase) give it 6 credits. AND: I aced the test.

He hemmed and hawed. Usually, he tells me, he allots that particular test to English 101/102- and I already have those two classes (I also CLEPed College Composition).  But, I asked, what if he gave the extra credits to me as electives? I pulled out the papers from the websites- and restated my case- urging, smiling, hoping.

His eyes were twinkling at me. "You drive a hard bargain." More hemming. More hawing.

In the end, He gave them to me.

 "Thank you, sir!"

"Oh, I'm a sir?"

"Yes! Unless you wouldn't like to be."

He said something to reassure me. He was smiling- pleased.

I ran off to my next class- ecstatic and praising Him.

When my lunch-break rolled 'round I was in the Registrar's office again wondering if my credits had been processed.. Even if they had- there was a question of whether the computer would update it to let me register. 

They hadn't. I teased my lady about my being such a nuisance- but she was only gracious. She went over to the nice man and got the form- came back- and got another man (both oh, so handy!) to enter it immediately into the computer. "Sit down and relax," my lady told me. I tried. But I couldn't. I paced. As I paced- my CLEP man came walking by.

"I'm sorry to tell you," he said, "But we had to take back those three credits."

I was crestfallen, but I smiled anyway. "Ooooh. Ok. :-/" 


The forms were all in- the lady handed me my transcript with a smile- we laughed about, considering what a crazy day it would be tomorrow, it being better for everyone that I registered today- and off I went to register for classes.

I waited to be called and passed time talking to a fellow economics nut (who was also crazy about history and exotic animal-training). Then a nice elderly gentleman helped me with all my class qualifications- taking into account my past CLEPS and the ones I still intend to take- my upper-level English courses, and my hour and day restrictions. We spit out a schedule in a half-hour. It was an odd feeling to so rapidly and spontaneously plan the upcoming four months of my life.

Registered. Deposit. Skid into class on-time.

What a day. God gave me grace with the Clep man and got me full credit for my tests. He gave me a nice woman who was willing to run around for me. He made sure everyone was available and where I needed them. He saved me from loosing a day of much-needed study. And (quite unexpectedly) I am now scheduled for a bunch of amazing classes which will put me right on schedule for getting my AA by summer.

All thanks be to Him.


  1. Ah, the excitement of educational bureaucracy! Our God is so good. :)

  2. I rather think it was your persistence and ingenuity that won the day.

  3. Praise God from whom all blessings flow
    Praise Him all you creatures here below
    Praise Him above you heavenly hosts
    Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

    My, but isn't our God GOOD!

  4. Amen, Hayley. :-) Amen, Daddy-dear. Indeed He is.

    Thanks, Nonno! :-) But might I note that my persistence and ingenuity were ALSO given me. ;-)

    And really- class canceled, all those people unoccupied and in good moods due to MY ingenuity? I am more clever than I thought! :-P

  5. You chose to pursue faith. You took action - believing God would open doors where you needed them and He did.
    Thank you God that Linda sees how you lovingly provide for her through many people.
    Grandma C.