October 30, 2010

What I Won't Tell You About Tomorrow

I remember it like it was yesterday. My bedroom floor covered with stuff... sitting amidst it with my Grandmother- music drifting in the background.

...Kehne ko Jashn-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai...

I wanted to travel light. We designated a box for item-rejects. In went my grandmother's extra set of clothes and protein bars.

...kaise kahein kya hai sitam
sochte hai ab yeh ham
koi kaisen kahen woh hain yaa nahi hamaare...

Into our respective suitcases went journals, suit-case locks, vitamins, fanny-packs, shoes, pens, passports, travel-hair-conditioner, a ridiculous looking hat, and this gadget which would purify water with ultra-violet light.

The next day I would be on a plane. I had wanted to get on that plane for so long. And the next day I would be getting on it.

Tomorrow I left for a 21 days in India. Tomorrow I became so much of what I am today.

I can't approach this time of year without dwelling on it and remembering... Though I have no dark secrets to conceal from you (you to whom I so willingly open my heart), some things are too precious- too intimate- to be told above a whisper.

Because some waters run too deep.

*Photo by Catherine Sheen

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  1. Mm, I understand this.

    The music is reminding me of many times of eating at Indian restaurants with my grandparents. . . I feel like my lives are overlapping.