October 5, 2010

Homemaking Tips I've Learned From College

[Ok. Yes. I like this picture. I think they- I mean their clothes- are cute.]

I never thought college would prepare me to care for my future husband. But it is. Because I’m commuting to school my experience is different from most’s. I “leave” school but don’t go back to a roommate, a best-friend, or a bustling hall-way. I am just one of ten-thousand other students. School is more like work than college.

So I’m learning what it’s like to get up at six and come back at six, to be thinking and stimulated and attentive for hours on end… and then to come home… 

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1)      Hot food sounds good. Really good.

2)      Hugs and kisses at the door sounds really nice, too.

3)      Being told about things that I need or should (or you would like) me to do does NOT sound good. [I know I read this somewhere, but I learned it first-hand when I walked in the door and my brother insinuated that the dinner-making ball was in my court. (Are. You. Crazy?!?)]

4)      Bad things may have happened in the day (and the 45 minute drive in traffic may not have done much to mitigate this effect on my psyche).

5)      I need love. Lots of it. Because nobody has loved me all day long.

I know most of us already know this. Many of us practiced it on our fathers when we were little. But it’s easy to forget.  So take it from one who’s learning what it’s like to be homesick- every day- and make home the place to be.

This post is for Lisa Ente :-)


  1. Awe. :) :) Good word, Lin! <3

  2. oh linda!
    i've said it before and i'm sure i'll say it again - this is my favorite post of yours!!! :-)

    such a good word for me to hear today. bill is working on a beast of a project and comes home at 1 am only to leave me again the next morning! we are both working so hard, me holding down the fort and him, paying for the fort.

    it is so good for me to be reminded of what it is like to be gone "out there" all day and how important it is for me to make his homecoming just that. a homecoming. something so simple, yet so easy to lose sight of in all of the homeschooling, bill paying, laundry folding potty-training, housebreaking and gestating.

    thank you my dear! - mrs. ente

  3. Thanks, sis. <3 :-)

    Thanks, Mrs. Ente!!! Yes, it was just for you. You do such a wonderful job of being a homemaker, and are an example for me to aspire to. You're very welcome.

    Love, Lin