April 5, 2011

And Then I Showed It To Dad

It is a curse to be a writer. Truly. A curse.

I get ideas in the middle of the night. Right before I'm supposed to sleep an idea pops into my head- a phrase, a concoction of lines, a single sentence which sparks an entire monologue. My best ideas usually come to me at night. I know better than to ignore them. What makes it all worse is that I am typically incapable of remembering an idea for more than five minutes. -So the light goes back on. I grope for a pen and scrap of paper- and write.

Sometimes the simple act of getting the idea outside of myself is enough. But even then (and certainly if I keep it within) often my brain takes the idea and runs with it and the race of my brain keeps me up forever- as I think and create things that will be lost by the time I wake up.

So about three nights ago I had such an occurrence. An idea. I grabbed the pen and paper.

I had no time to write it up yesterday because I was at school. And even today I  had a long list of school assignments, but the idea was plaguing my mind. So I gave into this disease- this plague- this madness called writing. I flipped to my notes, I grabbed some water and almonds, I let my fingers touch these keys, and instinct took over.

I wrote for a good three hours strait... and then worked on the thing for another three hours or so. Needless to say I got little school done. But I was pretty happy with the results. It was a story. An allegory of sorts- and theological at that. I'd never done something in that venue before but really, people, it was decent.

Then I showed it to Dad. He reads so fast. And when he was done he told me it was too short (for the questions I asked) and I needed to write a book on it.

A book?!!

People. I don't want to write a book. I barely have enough time to blog. But to an extent I agree with my Daddy- the story needs flushing out and fine-tuning. So stay tuned. But not too tuned. It may take a while.

Because tomorrow I go back to school... and hopefully other, easier ideas will come to me to write about- and hopefully not too late- 'cause I have exams coming up and I need my sleep.


  1. I'm with your Dad. Write that book! :)

    In long writing sessions like that, do you generally use pen and paper for notes, and then move to the computer? I'd love to hear about your process.

    Blessings on your ... um ... curse. :)

  2. I'm considering it Jennifer. :-) :-)

    Ahhh, my writing process! It really depends on what and when I'm writing (I'll write something up on it sometime). But if I write from my notes- then they're typically notes that consist of a faint outline and (particularly) key mood-jogging phrases- whatever it was that had originally sparked the idea.

    Thanks. :-)

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  4. Writing can be difficult, writers block is my worst enemy. I agree with your dad though Linda! :D
    I get a lot of encouragement from a friends to finish my novel, I do plan on it though, if time ever allows me a moment to breathe :)