May 14, 2011

Down With Cloud Computing

So for those of you that don't know- Blogger was down for about two days (during which posts disappeared and a large segment of blogosphere was in read-only-mode). Imagine the panic I felt when I got up yesterday morning and found my last two posts completely gone. It made me reconsider keeping hard-copies of my posts on my computer (writing notes locally and posting them to Blogger only once they're ready). 

At any rate- the posts appeared to be back this morning, but weirdly tagged. I succeeded in correctly tagging them but then they got out of order... I succeeded in getting them back in order but now they say I wrote the last two today (which I didn't). Ah, well. The worst of it is that as of now many of your recent comments are gone.  The Blogger authorities claim they're working on getting them back but I confess this latest fiasco leaves me with doubts as to their preservation abilities.

My apologies for your lost thoughts. You know how much I love to hear from you- please feel free to re-comment.

L.E. Fiore

1 comment:

  1. Yay!!! Submitted the problem to the blogger buzz forum and today they're back!!! (thanks, Blogger!)