May 17, 2011

Unbearable Beauty

Sometimes beauty makes me cry.

It's something in the trees... about quiet laughter in the afternoon... about sunlight filtering through branches and bare-feet on wet grass... in the stillness of a forest and the sound of running water.

"All we can do, in this deep summer hour,
with the rain, the taxis and the flowers,
walking between the dear ones holding on,
is shout, shout for joy."

There's something in a kiss, something in a bride. There's something in the smell of a new-born babe.  There's something in the smile of those you love, and there's something in a song sung in summer. -Something more than beautiful, something closer to sublime- so near perfection I can find no words for it.

"I said so little.
I could not think of replies.
The words all flew away,
up away from me, up into the trees,
where they shout, shout for joy."

It is these tastes of perfection that make me cry- that make my heart swell so full I think it'd burst and break- and so I weep.

Shout, shout for joy.

*Lyrics from Shout for Joy by The Innocence Mission.


  1. What a marvelous post!

    You are such a delight to read. I always make a point to stop by in my rare excursions into blogland.

    Thank you.