August 23, 2010

June 10th, 2010

I wonder about my writing. Have you ever had the indescribable feeling you were being laughed at? Perhaps that is why I laugh – so their laughter will seem intended. …my sister once said she liked – or appreciated – my e-mails to her because it was “the only time she got to hear my voice”… But is it my voice – more true than my audible one? Or is the projection of myself which I want people to see – something my artistry has fabricated? But is that not why writers can sound such depths- endlessly create – and are their creations not, to say the least, reflections of their innermost selves? If this were an e-mail – I would now waver between sending and deleting. And I hope you are not laughing at me.

–L.E Fiore


  1. No laughing... only nodding. I understand exactly this...
    The laughing first so that if they laugh... we don't feel so awkward.

    Your writing is beautiful... and I hear your voice. Such a clear, strong tone.

    I am glad you are writing more...
    It is so good here.... what you are doing.

    Write on...
    All's grace,

  2. Your writing is such a constant delight to read!
    Your personality seems to seep through into your writing, I have only ever laughed at the men's shampoo post. That had me rofl :)