August 23, 2010

Walk with Annie

I live a wonderfully blessed life.

After lunch Annie and I, hand-in-hand, set out for White Pond (a pond so large it is more like a lake). We sang Do-A-Dear and then broke out into rhymes about the things we saw as we passed... The sky, the white cherry blossoms, and the mailboxes.

At the lake we went out on the pier, kicked our shoes off, and stuck our feet in the icy-cool water. I pulled out our book, Three Go Searching, and we read a bit... taking breaks to look at the lake, the trees on the other side, the beautiful blue sky, and to drink water and eat tick-tacks and twizzlers.

The sun was hot as we walked back. We met new neighbors and waved at passing cars.

We talked about the characters in our book, our sinful hearts and need for Jesus...

We picked yellow flowers and I put them in her hair. We made wishes on dandelions.

I don't want this to end...

- 5/6/10

1 comment:

  1. I like the yellow flowers. And how you picked them. And placed them in her hair. That is gospel in a gesture.