August 29, 2010

Blogging, HCB, and Time

I joined Higher Calling Blogs within twenty-four hours of beginning Salt-Rain Tidings. I think that’s equivalent to being handed a sea-diving suit and oxygen tank and being dumped overboard in the middle of the Atlantic.

I have yet to discover if this dumping will result in drowning or a glorious adventure.

I am overwhelmed, thrilled, and maybe even scared by the world which I have suddenly entered. With HCB I have become a member of a community. -Now people outside of my immediate social group can find my blog and read my writing. Already I am meeting wonderful bloggers- and with a click of my mouse their thoughts are laid open to me- I lose myself in their wisdom, wit, heartache, and love.

I am anxious to emulate, eager to share. Yet just when I have so much to say- I have no time to say it. College starts tomorrow (can you hear my heart pounding?) and with it commuting, homework, and a social life even as I remain home and a member of my family (daughter, sister) and member of my church and local community.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds. It is so easy to disappear on-line. You just don’t get on.

I don’t want to die. I don’t want to be scribbling down my thoughts in the middle of the night- and those scraps of paper with lines crossed out and words written over them to remain in notebooks and in piles on my desk- the overflow of an irrepressible writer.

I am confessing. Busyness never means I stop writing. It just means I stop sharing it. Life doesn’t mean I have less to share, it only means that the more my writing reflects who I am the more I feel the urge to keep it within me. I have begun blogging because far too often my writing is completely selfish.

I won’t drown. I just might get back in the boat.

So here- now- I am committing myself to you. -

- For His glory, by His grace -


  1. There is such a tension between living life and reflecting on it. Keep going... I suspect both are richer for each other.

  2. Welcome to HighCallingBlogs, L.E. I've been around here for two years or so and it's been a great community.

    Have a great start to the semester. (I work for a place called the CCO and I care a lot about students, young and old.)

  3. Thanks, Kath and Sam. :-) An additional post is already up so- so far, so good! :-D ;-)

    College is being good to my writing. ;-) :-D

  4. LInda, yes. So much to do!

    I find that if I make blogging synchronous with my life stuff, it works. Which means we will be happy to hear about the commute where you meet a bear, or the teacher who is a bear, or maybe the bear that Little Sister brings to the table and insists on feeding Daddy's medication.